Q How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
A Depending on the environment, your carpets should be cleaned every 12-18 months.
Q What is the “steam cleaning” process?
A Steam cleaning is the most advanced cleaning technique developed. Super-pressure jet pumps inject high temperature cleaning solution deep into your carpet. An instant later, a high suction vacuum draws the solution out of the carpet, taking with it months of harmful grit, grease and grime.
Q Isn’t all that “power” harsh on my carpets?
A On the contrary. This system cleans with water, gentle chemicals and air. The vigorous in-and-out, back-and-forth flow of water and air sends cleaning solution surging through every inch of your carpet with no abrasive brushes.
Q Where are the suds
A We avoid suds. It’s almost impossible to get rid of suds without a positive rinsing action. Traces of suds just linger on forever, leaving a residue of dirty detergent in your carpet.
Q Why shouldn’t I just go rent a machine and do it myself?
A For TWO good reasons. First, it’s a lot of work! Secondly, after spending hours doing what the pro can do in a fraction of the time, you’ll discover that no rental unit can even come close to the incredible power of our system. It’s ten to twenty times more powerful than the machine you get from the store.
Q My pets have had “accidents” on my carpet and it smells of urine, what can I do?
A We have a wonderful product calledUrine-Off’ which was formulated for just such a situation. Call us for more details.