It’s a proven fact . . . carpets last longer when they are cleaned on a regular basis. Your carpets act as a trap capturing dust, soil, pollen, dander, food particles and a host of other contaminants. Abrasive particles can wear away at your valuable carpeting. University research now shows that a properly maintained carpet promotes improved indoor air quality for your home and your family. Bladuff’s carpet cleaning system digs deep into your carpet pile to remove dirt and debris. This also helps to eliminate many organisms that live in your carpet making your living environment safer.

  • We use a self-contained truck-mounted unit. Only the wand is brought into your home.
  • Our equipment is up to 20 times more powerful than conventional portable machines.
  • We extract 95% of the moisture used to clean the carpet.
  • We remove odors caused by smoke, pets, floods and more.
  • Our deodorization kills the odors.
  • We specialize in problem fabrics such as velvet, velour, polished cottons, etc.
  • Our Teflon coating simplifies clean-ups and makes vacuuming more effective.
  • By using the best equipment available, we can actually increase carpet life by 50%.
  • We help you maintain a cleaner, healthier evnironment.
  • Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Furniture cleaning leaves furniture ready to use, with no waiting!

Need Tile & Grout Cleaned?
Now cleaning & sealing Ceramic, Terracotta, Marble & Granite!

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